Child Support

Child Support is the money paid by one parent to the other for food, clothing and other basic necessities of the dependent child with whom they do not live. Child support order is mandatory during a divorce or a separation.


In many countries, child support or child maintenance is the ongoing obligation for a periodic payment made by a non-custodial parent to a custodial parent, caregiver or guardian, for the care and support of children of a relationship or marriage that has been terminated. In Family Law, child support is often arranged as part of a divorce, marital separation, dissolution, Annulment or Dissolution of a civil union and may supplement alimony (spousal support) arrangements.

Child support is one of the most stressful proceedings that the parents can endure. It is stressful because of the long litigation periods. Even the divorce proceeding is over, the issue of child support may still continue for long period.

A lot of issues have to be proven in order to win your claims. The first step in the proceedings is to establish paternity, i.e. who is the father of child. Your attorney can help you to establish paternity.

Establishing or fixing the obligation would be the next step in the process, i.e. the fair amount, which a non custodial parent will pay for the support of child. This is determined on the basis of state’s guideline. Your Child Support enforcement attorney will be able to tell you how support award amounts are set in your state and he can also request medical support for your child.

The last step is enforcement of the child support order. The Child Support attorney can help with collecting the money due no matter where the non-custodial parent lives. We help you to Establish, modify or enforce a court order.

The Legal Target ensures qualified and experienced guidance and helps you get everything documented so that there is no scope of any confusion regarding the terms and conditions agreed upon by both the sides.

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