Discrimination Issues

To make distinction on the basis of race color caste creed sex nationality etc. without regard to merit can be termed as discrimination.

Distinctions between people that are based just on individual merit (such as personal achievement skill or ability) are generally not considered discriminatory.


Social theories such as Egalitarianism claim that social equality should prevail. In some societies such as the U.S.A. each individual’s civil rights include the right to be free from government sponsored social discrimination. Discrimination may not be officially endorsed yet remain an actuality in practice.

Some of the popular and prevalent discriminations are:

Racial Discrimination: It means discrimination on the basis of race. The term race distinguishes one population of humans (or non-humans) from another. The most widely used human racial categories are controversially based on visible traits (especially skin color and facial features) genes and self-identification.

Religious discrimination: Religious Discrimination is the social differentiation of individuals on the basis of their religious beliefs faith or affiliation.

Gender discrimination: Gender discrimination is any action that grants or denies opportunities privileges or rewards to a person just on the basis of their sex.

The ‘Glass Ceiling’ commission of United States has observed that between 95 and 97 percent of senior managers in the country’s biggest corporations are men. The term ‘Glass Ceiling’ is used to describe the process by which women are barred from promotion by means of an invisible barrier.

Are you suffering from any type of discrimination in your workplace or home? Most of us silently suffer indiscriminating policies followed at work place because of race color sex nationality etc. as we are not aware of our rights. And even if we are aware we fear intricacies and tensions involved in legal proceedings.

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