Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing fraud is a term that refers generally to any scheme to defraud that involves telephone as a primary medium to communicate with prospective victims. The communicator persuades the prospective victim to buy said products or services, which may never be provided by him/her. The communicator may also cover himself/herself under different guise like a social worker, a representative of leading organization, etc.


A fraudulent telemarketing operator may typically misrepresent the facts about the products and services to make things look real.

It often becomes very difficult to make out which company is genuine and which one is fraud. These fraudulent operators get their prospective details from telephone directories or by stealing the database of genuine companies. They will contact you and pretend as any genuine company operating in the marketplace.

Most of the victims of such fraudulent practice have either received no return on the money invested or have been given a goods/services of much cheaper value than promised. The main objective of these companies is to get maximum profit and not to satisfy customers. Even the substantial loss of your hard earned money will not deter their modus operandi. They may change their identification more often than once and create a negative image in the minds of victims even for a genuine tele-marketing company.

One unique and common feature of all these fraudulent operators is to ask money in advance and in no case they defer payments. The basic objective is to keep the products under cover before you pay them for the product because once you are in a position to inspect product physically you can evaluate its actual worth and subsequently may cancel the transaction.

To protect yourself from being a victim of any telemarketing read the below mentioned tips. These may be a help to you and save you from being cheated:

Check the Authenticity: Never blindly believe any one calling you and offering something lucrative in lieu of a small amount. Ask yourself what is the motive behind such a deal. Ask hem about their physical office, website if any, how they operate, etc. These few questions will make you aware of whom you are dealing with.


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