Tenant Landlord Law

Information for Tenants

If you are a tenant and is looking for attorneys who can counsel you or even represent you in court then you are in right place. We will help you know legal rights and obligations of yourself and your landlord and will suggest you course of action if you think your rights as a tenant are being violated.


If you are a tenant you are probably looking at this web-site either because you are a new tenant or because you have a problem with your landlord. In both cases you will want to find out the legal rights and obligations of yourself and your landlord. Landlord-Law can help you and is a permanent online resource you can access night and day to find out the answers to your problems.

We help tenants in resolving various issues like:

  • Type of tenancy
  • Your rights when you are made to evict
  • Information needed when you are about to rent a property
  • Damage Deposit Controversy
  • Repair of property you rent
  • Multiple Occupation etc.

For Landlords

If you are a landlord and facing any problems because of your rented property or tenant we can be a great help to you.

We can help you in issues regarding:

  • Tenancy agreements – different types of tenancies need different types of agreement
  • Evicting tenants – correct procedures from the start will save you time and lost rent
  • Problems regarding the return of the damage deposit
  • Information regarding houses in multiple occupation

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