Elder Law

Those issues that affect the growing aging population can come under elder law.

The three major categories that make up Elder Law are:

  1. Estate planning and administration including tax questions
  2. Medicaid disability and other long-term care issues and
  3. Guardianship conservatorship and commitment matters including fiduciary administration.

Other issues that are covered under elder law include such areas as estate planning; wills; trusts; guardianships; protection against elder abuse neglect and fraud; end-of-life planning; all levels of disability and medical care; retirement planning; Social Security benefits; Medicare and Medicaid coverage; Medicaid planning (United States); consumer protection; nursing homes and in-home care; powers of attorney; physicians’ or medical care directives declarations and powers of attorney; landlord/tenant needs; real estate and mortgage assistance; various levels of advice counseling and advocacy of rights; tax issues; and discrimination.

Amendments to the Older American Act in 1972 added the national nutrition program for the elderly. National Family Caregiver Support Program which was intended to help thousands of family members was included by the amendment in OAA on November 13 2000.

According to the provisions of this program funding for combined services between state and local agencies for such things as counseling support groups respite and other community based services were granted. These services are focused on the care of the frail and aging members of society. The program also provides services geared towards the family units of grandparents and other older relatives now in the stages of care-taking for related children eighteen years of age and under.

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