Traffic Violation and Related Laws

History of traffic violations can be tracked back to the day automobiles were invented. On May 20 1899 for the fist time traffic ticket was allegedly given to a cab driver for hitting roads of New York at the breakneck speed of 12 miles per hour. Since then innumerable incidences of traffic violation has taken palace. States have received billions of dollars of revenue from violators.


An act of driving that is not in tune with the prescribed regulations of state or municipalities traffic laws can be termed as traffic violation. Generally speaking most of the traffic rules are locally formed but federal government does regulate some traffic aspects. In order to pressurize states to pass certain traffic law federal can deny funds to states.

Today motorists can find themselves faced with dozens of traffic laws depending on where they are driving. These traffic laws vary by state city highway and region.

Types of Traffic Violations
Some of the popular major and minor traffic violations are:


Parking violations which are not counted against a driving record though a person can be arrested for unpaid violations.


Seat belt regulations require adults to wear seatbelts when they drive or sit in the front seat and all states require children to be restrained using seat belts.


Driving Over speed is again a minor traffic offence considered when some one crosses the speed limit on a particular road highway etc.


Reckless diving or leaving the scene of an accident is considered major traffic violation


Driving under the Influence (DUI) or drunk driving is another offence that may lead to suspension or revocation of driving license.

Minor offences such as in case of parking violation or driving over speed do not permit a judge to put the offender behind the bars but he major offences can result in imprisonment.

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